i got u miley



I’m going to nickname my child lil Bitch 

i see you’re passing on the family name

introducing: babbuvengers

i know a dozen ppl were waiting for this but it remained a secret until now hawhawhaw :3

keep in mind they’re just tots so i didn’t want hulk to beat loki up, so the nature of their fight shifted to a lego battle



the sarcasm in this post is almost touchable

I love the internet


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Typography and Fonts on Depositphotos.

In case you’re looking for something more than fonts, like templates, .psd files vectors related to fonts you should check Depositphotos. You can download templates about everything that fits on your project, and within seconds you will have your work ready to publish, sell, print or any other thing that you want because the files are royalty free.

Check this search for example: Vintage fonts


Zodiac Signs - Dog Breeds. Spring 2014 - Illustration. 
For this project, I researched the different traits found in various dog breeds (such as; which breeds had a tendency to bark, were child-friendly, more active, prone to wander, easy to train, etc). I compared the information to the personalities of the twelve zodiac signs to find the perfect companion for each breed.
Watercolor and ink, Virgo is 7 x 5 in. All others are 4 x 4 in.


DIY 3 Ingredient Mint Sugar Scrub Recipe from Love Grows Wild here. For more spa recipes like spa kits, scrubs, milk baths, and a spa kit light enough to mail go here: diychristmascrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/beauty
Mpreg Hazza

Mpreg Hazza

Harry cheering up on louis’ football match

Harry cheering up on louis’ football match